About the Live-Streams and Recordings

ReLive is the platform for recordings of events like this. It is operated by the Chaos Computer Club Video Operation Center.

Lecture recording and streaming at Chaos Singularity 2024 is organized and performed by the Chaos Computer Club Video Operation Center.


The video stream is licensed under CC Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). This may not hold true for the slides or the actual performance. If in doubt please contact the speaker directly.

Although the licence permits it, we would like to ask you not to distribute stream dumps. We try to release finished cuts of recordings as quickly as possible . Early releases of incomplete stream dumps without audio translation, subtitles, intros, unprocessed audio and missing meta data is not what we had in mind when we spent months of our spare time with preparations.

Privacy Policy

During the conference, we'll log all accesses to this website and the servers providing the video and audio streams. We do this to get an idea how the users are distributed throughout the internet, what streaming formats are popular and which players are used. We'll use this information for debugging during the conference and to optimize our streaming CDN configuration in the future.

In particular, we collect the following data:

Only statistical data which cannot be used to identify a person will be retained after the conference. We'll destroy the original log files to the best of our knowledge and ability.

Beware that some of our CDN servers are donated by various entities. We cannot guarantee that (for example) their network infrastructure will comply to this policy.


Please see ccc.de.